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Better Searches Using Google Custom Search Feature

Friday, September 7th, 2007

I made three new custom search engines to help readers research key issues mentioned on this site. Basically each one is limited to search only within the top 3-10 forums, blogs, and support pages for the topic.

These will save a lot of time since you can now do just one search, instead of having to search every forum every time you have a question.

Here they are. Let me know how they work. I’m also adding them to the Helpful Resources sidebar so you’ll always have an easy link to them.

  1. Ubuntu Search (Searching *, * )
  2. GoldMine Search (Searching *, *, *, *
  3. QuickBooks Search (Searching *, * )

Let me know if you have more resources, or blogs I can add to any of these search engines.