Mini Searches with Answers

These are links associated with recent searches I’ve done. They’re not difficult enough to warrant to their own posts but still super useful.

Get the CSRF Middleware Token in a Django Template – Some code from stevelosh – Forrst
How to get your raw CSRF token in Django, e.g., when you’re creating a form outside of a template.

Django tips: Template context processors
How to make information available to every template.

Be sure to put in the default template processors first or you’ll overwrite them and exclude them e.g., for Django 1.3:


The Architecture of Open Source Applications
A free book reviewing open source design

HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.4 updated 5/12
Tips for writing HTML for emails so that they render correctly across clients.

module – Python: can’t install python-ldap – Stack Overflow
Good advice on fixing missing *.h issues when installing:

Missing headers are almost always a sign for missing -dev packages (sometimes also named -devel). Just do apt-cache search sasl | grep dev and you’ll probably find the right package

VMs moving between workspaces (View topic) •
My virtualbox keeps moving between workspaces. It’s really annoying. I guess no one has an answer but this forum thread recognizes and complains about the problem at least.

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