Mini Searches with Answers

These are links associated with recent searches I’ve done. They’re not difficult enough to warrant to their own posts but still super useful.

clueTip: A jQuery Tooltip Plugin
A good tooltip library for jquery that I used today

Search Engine Ranking Factors | SEOmoz
An authoritative chart of the top SEO factors

Tip: Scaling your Remote Desktop session « llemarie’s weblog
I woke up today and connected to remote desktop and it wouldn't scale to fit my screen anymore. It just gave me it in a window with these awful scroll bars.

This post tells how to fix this.

Linux live CD to OCR PDF files on a watched folder

SSRS – Group_Concat Equivalent using an Expression? – Stack Overflow
How to do group_concat in SQL Server. It's actually not that bad in 2005 and above.

/trunk/python/ – dataformat
The only arff file parser I found with no external dependencies.

How to use the weka ARFF parser … I think

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