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These are links associated with recent searches I’ve done. They’re not difficult enough to warrant to their own posts but you may still find them useful.

Tutorial: Monitoring global input with pyHook
You can intercept keystrokes before the Windows apps get them! There’s got to be a use for this!

WordPress mime-config Plugin
Use this WordPress plugin to get WordPress to allow you to upload fun file types like *.gz, *.py, etc. I haven’t tried it yet though, but people are saying it works. I.e., this should fix the WordPress error: File type does not meet security guidelines

Defeat Traffic Light Cams with an Ambiguous Vanity Plate
It might be worth a try. I wonder what 1l1lll1 will look like on my truck?

How to Get a Vanity Plate in Maryland
It’s $25/year … might be worth a shot

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Speech recognition in Windows using the MS Speech API
This is an example of using the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 under Windows for command and control speech recognition in Python. Perhaps this would be a good way to add some fun voice controls to a Windows app. I suppose there’s nothing similar for Linux :-(

Table Sorting, Filtering, Etc from JavascriptToolbox.com
This looks like a robust javascript library for sorting tables. It’s much faster than the one I’m using (sortable, next link) however I can’t tell if this is as easy to implement as sortable where I simply include it in the html.

sorttable: Make all your tables sortable
This is the javascript library I currently use to sort tables. It works well and it’s easy to implement.

NewClassVsClassicClass – PythonInfo Wiki
So this is what a “new style class” in Python is. Looks like I might as well start using them …
That’s class Greg(object): instead of class Greg:

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