Finding the perfect bathroom vanity is not hard. There are a few things to think about as you plan the acquisition. Here the perfect bathroom vanity is defined as a vanity that meets your needs at a price you can afford.

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1. Know What You Can Spend

This sounds simple, but the importance cannot be emphasized enough. It ensures that when you make decisions, you make them in a way that is focused. It will allow you to budget each element of getting a perfect vanity. These are:

  • The vanity itself
  • The countertop
  • The sink
  • The taps
  • Mirror
  • Delivery
  • Plumbing and installation

2. Look at Your Bathroom Layout 

The two questions here are what space you have available to use and where your plumbing is. This affects the location of your vanity as well as the largest possible size. This is also where knowing your budget is useful. Do you have the money to replumb your bathroom so the vanity can be placed elsewhere? Are you willing to?

At this point, it is also probably worth saying that you should not go for the biggest vanity you can get. Go for the one you need and if you have money then rather buy better, not bigger.

3. Deciding on What to Get

Besides the vanity itself, there are many purchase decisions to be made. Before even starting what colours do you want? Are you redoing your bathroom and if so, how will that affect what you buy? Once you have the answers to that then it is time for the big choices:

  • The Vanity: The big decisions here are size and shape. You need to decide between floor-standing, wall-mounted and built-in. How large should the space for the basin or basins in it be?
  • The Countertop:  From concrete to laminate to wood to marble and so many varieties of each, the countertop is a feature of the vanity that defines it and in so doing defines your bathroom.
  • The Sinks: There are many types. What type do you want? A countertop basin or fully recessed? Porcelain or stone? Will it match your countertop, or will it vary and by how much? By a shade or two or a completely different colour?
  • The Taps: Here again, there are so many choices, but like all the choices, it boils down to what you want, to what says “you.”
  • The Mirror: Like the countertop, the vanity mirror can define the bathroom. Will it be small and minimalist or be as wide as the vanity itself?

These are the choices that at the end of it all, make the vanity the perfect vanity. Beyond function, it is the customization, the individual choices that make it perfect.


The perfect bathroom vanity says something about you. Yes, it is limited by size and position, but with all the customization choices you can put together the ideal combination and look. Together that makes the perfect bathroom vanity.

By Cindy

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